"Killing Machines" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"Killing Machines"

I've crossed the seven seas
I just landed in foreign land
Had no choice it had to be
I follow the orders of men

Soldiers have come, come after me
I was not the only one
If I only would of listen
To the words of mom and dad
Fighting has no real reason,
So why am I here

I want to run away
There is no choice we fight tonight
Taking lives everyday
Massive graves surrounding my head
We are the killing machines
We are the soldiers
With nothing to say
Oh it had to be,
Forgive my Lord I have sinned,


I will rebel against the forces
That will come, come after me
And there is no doubt
Elimination of men they're dying for greed

I rather die with a sword in my hand
And my eyes up to the skies
Yes we will fight,
Fight til the end of it all
Fight to be free


We just have a reason
I don't want to be here
I didn't want to be here
I didn't want to kill them all
Get me out of here
Killing machines