"You Are My Life (Gypsy Mind)" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"You Are My Life (Gypsy Mind)"

It is time for me
It is time!
It's time to taste
Everything that's in my heart
So why shouldn't it be

Why should it be this way
I need you all I need it all
You are so real
You are my life

I didn't care what
Was dealt to me in this life
It is my father and mother
My children are my guiding light
So why! Tell me why, it's all for them

So why could it be,
Why should it be this way
I need it all,
You are my life

Oh, you will be an easy mind to kill
I've been in hell before,
I have no choice
It's the way I feel

Oh, I'm just loosing my mind
This is hell!
My life ran out of time
The end is all right here
It is hell below gypsy girl,
Gypsy you're my queen

I don't want to die
It's all a dream
I'm just lost in time
Don't turn your back
Don't close your eyes, yeah!
The beast is all within