"New Life" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"New Life"

The fire's out
I've escaped the chase
Said crime against society's avenged
I awaken to some
Friends that take me in
To rest

Society can't burn our thoughts
Come to take our words away
When they decide free thought too dangerous
We will simply fade away

In our secret hiding place
We have no books for them to burn
Each of us becomes a book
Entire volumes we've memorized

Dreams of a new life
Live like I want free
Free to be
You can't take from me
Individuality a reality
A fight unto thee
So dream
Dream surreal dreams
Though they try
Try to crush them

Technology is not there
For us there is no need
Interaction, human contact
We've become a new breed
You crush ideals
It can't happen
Why can't you just let us try
Surprise your sons and daughters
We grow strong how you'll see