"Scarred For Life" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"Scarred For Life"

Born into this life a child in the world of doubt
Rejected as an orphan boy torn from his mothers side
Dogma thrown in his way obstacles from which to pass
The pain his soul endured
Has scarred his body fast
Defiant in an angry heart stubborn in his ways
Determined to reach his goals
Though numbered are his days

Lost within his mind
Emotionally disturbed
Abused throughout childhood
Wounded deeply by words
Submerged in hate and fear
Neglected by those around
Affliction was all we had
Lost and never found
But then something snapped within
And turned him inside out
To survive, life had to change
And mend his wounds somehow
Rebellion against authority
To conform he would never submit
Punished by society
Upon their face he'd spit

Scarred for life, wounded deep within
Healing the bludgeoned soul
Must somehow begin cry out in the night
Twisted in delusion crawling into the light

Scarred for life

Locked within his mind, a solitary prison cell
Depression fills him with despair
Falling to the depths of hell
Alone in a silent rage the final hours near
Desperate in insanity
He cries, but no one hears

Anger consumed his soul
In a violent state of mind
Destroyed his every thought
Soon running out of time

Lies he believed from voices in his head
Confused in chaos, wishing he was dead
Torn into this life a child in disarray
Blasphemed upon his soul
A victim of his ways
Scarred for life