"Spectres" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET


Into the darkness I walk alone and cold
Feeling their eyes upon me like stone
Deep in the black I'm absorbed by the night
Igniting my fear I head to the void
Hearing them call, but no one's in sight
Feeling their presence, they're ready to strike
Shadows are moving in shapes of the trees
Engulfed by the darkness, I feel them touching me

In your mind their is a dark side
As fantasy becomes your darkest fear
Terrified you begin running
Through the haze of the city streets
There is no refuge for you, you are lost
The games begin as they play with your mind

Laughter they're haunting you
Twisted they beckon you
Specteres await you
Wicked the wind seems to whisper
Spectres surround you

You don't realize
You've stepped beyond your realm
And only time will tell
If you can make it through this hell
They don't know all you think
Your mind is not your own
From the day you were born
Still this moment is torn

No end to the paranoia that you feel inside
Sweat pours from your soul
But there's no where you can hide

Help me god hear my cries I don't want to die
Predator upon me now as I scream out loud
Descending to my grave, running wayward knave
I plead with them, spectres pull me in

Deep into the black they're pulling me back
Dark's the realm evil attacks
Deep in the maze my minds in a haze
I'm loosing my sense of reality
Will I escape this horrible fate
Whispers of death and hell that awaits
All of my dreams and life's gone forth
Was it in vein that they tell me of course
Is the end of this game we pretend
Emotional ride that drains me inside
Prayers I scream, don't change a thing
As the curtain falls on the final scene