"Go In Peace" lyrics - STURGILL SIMPSON

"Go In Peace"

When he woke up, he saw the faces of the mighty Cherokee
They'd found Shamrock and him passed out together
Underneath the forest canopy
Saw his tomahawk and skins, and they knew he was Shawnee
So to see the Chief he now must go, one and all they did agree

The old man stared into his soul, though he was blind as he could be
Said, "If you're looking for your woman, it is here you shall find she"
Said, "A man McClure had traded her for horses, on which he used so he could flee"
Dood said, "She wasn't his to trade, he stole her away and he shot me"
Then the old man whispered softly, "Her you now must go and see"

When she saw him, she cried tears of joy and he saw his soul in eyes blue as sea
Chief didn't need no eyes to know he was hers and she belonged to he
He said, "I'm sorry for your troubles, she must go back home with thee"
Said, "Get your mule," and waved his palm
Said, "You both now may go in peace"
So Dood climbed back up on ol' Shamrock
He and Juanita went home happily