"Shamrock" lyrics - STURGILL SIMPSON


Never was a finer breed than the steed that was Shamrock
Plain to see by his conformation that he came from finest stock
Daddy was a black mammoth jack, Mamma was a thoroughbred mare
Had four white feet wore a buckskin coat, wore a mohawk in his hair

Stood about nineteen hands, didn't need no kick to go
Old Dood up top, deep in the saddle hollerin'
Woah woah woah, woah woah woah

Only ever had one rider, anyone else was gettin' bucked
Cross any kind of land, through the rain and snow and muck
Sure footed as a billy goat with thirty-three inch ears
Clog dance on a snake with his front two feet and give coyotes the rear
Kick so hard it sent them up and out the stratosphere
Make a coyote fly so far it wouldn't land until next year

From the hightop to the holler, no places Sham can't go
Old Dood up top, deep in the saddle hollerin'
Woah woah woah, Woah woah woah

Ain't scared to cross that river, jump clear across that creek
Steed don't need no shoes when his hooves is one foot thick
Leather and tack can't hold him back and he'll bite right through a bit
Rope bridle made of mooring line was the only thing that fit

Hot on the bandit's trail, fence postin' through the snow
Old Dood up top, high in the saddle hollerin'
Go boy go, go boy go
Go boy go, go boy go