"Played Out" lyrics - STURGILL SIMPSON

"Played Out"

Trail's gone cold, here comes the rain
Been chewin' on willow bark to hold back the pain
Puttin' juice in the wound, lettin' it drain
Holes in my buckskins, still wet with bloodstains
Been pushin' too hard, and goin' insane
Lord, don't let this journey be all in vain

'Cause I'm played out, down to my last draw
This bitin' feelin' is startin' to gnaw
It's the saddest picture you ever saw
Played out and ridin', rough ragged and raw

Stayin' up on the ridge, tryin' to keep the high ground
Shoulder is throbbin' and I'm wearin' down
Shamrock's head is bobbin' and I don't hear the hound
After five days and nights followin' the sound
Sam done went silent, is nowhere to be found
Oh wait, I see him, lyin' there on the ground

Oh he's played out, thorns stuck and blood raw
Torn plumb all to pieces, done worn off his paw
Then old Sam let out his last dyin' bay call
So I dug him a grave, covered it all