"Time After All" lyrics - STURGILL SIMPSON

"Time After All"

They say that life can decide in the blink of eye
If our silly little dreams will ever come true
But the dreams in my mind all go by so slowy
What the hell else can I do

I wanna slow it all down and watch it roll by
See where the sweet melody falls
I wanna roll off the tempo, lay back and get high
'Cause it's only time and time after all

I've grown tired of cold places and the same old cold faces
And I'm tired of the smoke they all blow in my eyes
I'm sick of the banging, can't take no more clanging
I'm tired of yelling over top that back line

They say time takes care of itself
It gets by without no help at all
Like a jar of sand that sits on the shelf
It's only time and time after all