"Eyes Of A Stranger" lyrics - TAD MOROSE

"Eyes Of A Stranger"

When you wake up cold and lonely can't remember where you've been It's time
To start believin' in a dream where there's no end So much pain deep down
In your mind Is it real or is it just an illusion Can you feel the darkness
Around you You are alone but there's someone there

Don't be afraid of what's coming closer you can't be sure are you lost in a
Dream There's no return of what's already started you don't know are you
Losing your mind
You're on your own nowhere to go You need someone to hold on to

You can't go on without faith and belief Someone is calling you so far away

Fear the eyes of a stranger
You keep on steering through the darkness around you You feel the presence
Of an unborn child his soul is black and so are his tears The time has come
To face the unknown locked up in chains you're bound to be scared Caught in
This nightmare there's nowhere to go Show me the way to the promised land
He reached out just take his hand