"Leaving The Past Behind" lyrics - TAD MOROSE

"Leaving The Past Behind"

Time is spinning around me like sparrows flying high Live to learn the
Questions concerning what's right or wrong Fading horizons the moment of
Truth has come Darkness surrounds me as the final breath
Look through the sky far beyond the clouds Telling me what do I see

Silence surrounds me as I'm falling deeper and deeper I can't feel no pain
As I'm leaving the past behind
Time has no meaning and I'll never see the sun again Is it all for real as
I'm leaving the past behind
Hate is all I've got left wonder if I've got it right Now I know I've been
Wrong tomorrow is still to come Fear the hate within you It's coming to
Reclaim what's yours future and past Now and then all in one and still to
I am losing track of time how much deeper can I fall Surrounded by my
Thoughts by my thoughts of it all Now I know it's true as I'm falling into
Nothing else Memories calling my name but I know that I've ceased to be