"Miracle" lyrics - TAD MOROSE


I've been searching for a long time through light and through darkness but
I still don't know I've been waiting for tomorrow yesterday's gone but it
Still the same
I see the trees I feel the clouds in the sky I feel the wind I feel the
Heat of depression That's why I need it so bad

All I need is a miracle
So many times I've been asking myself I never felt like this before I can't
Go on lining in this desperation yesterday's gone but it still the same
What does it takes of a man to put his life back in order I lay me down I
See no way out yesterday's gone but it still the same

All that I'm searching for is a miracle
Voices are Calling Say can you hear me can you see me I'm all alone with
No place to go I've got no answers to all my questions It's all the same
They fill my head with lies...I've got no feelings I can't go on living on
The edge Got no reason to stay alive when all they say is pull the trigger

Life's got no meaning it's all over now It's time to go and leave the past
Behind...I can't control it My soul is lost my heart can't take no more I
Feel the fire that burns so deep inside No one can save me...lost forever
There'll come a time when I'm forgiven It's all over now but I'll always be
With you

Can you hear the voices calling They surround you like stars in heaven
Ain't no lie that can't be spoken Can't believe but I can't deny it I've
Got no feelings left to hide
It's not so easy to make this hard decision I've tried so hard to wash my
Thoughts away but all they say is pull the trigger