"Fuck Yo-Yo Ma" lyrics - TENACIOUS D

"Fuck Yo-Yo Ma"
(Jack Black / Kyle Gass / John Spiker)

How could I leave KG all alone?
(He's never coming home)
As I rocket into space to my new home
(He's up there with the stars)
He will survive is what I tell myself
(He doesn't wanna be here)
I'm probably gonna jam with Yo-Yo Ma
Fuckin' Yo-Yo Ma
(I'm stuck here)

And then I'm gonna eat some ice cream
(He's never coming home)
Then I'm gonna have some sex
(Eating cat food alone)
I think of KG on the Earth all alone
My orgasm will be tainted
(Having sex with myself)

Explosion of my load
As I jam with Yo-Yo Ma
(Fuck Yo-Yo Ma)
It feels so good, my pecker wood
(His pecker wood)
But a tiny part of me is left behind
(Is up there with the stars)