"Take Us Into Space" lyrics - TENACIOUS D

"Take Us Into Space"
(Jack Black / Kyle Gass)

You gotta take us into space
We gotta save the human race
But first you gotta let us say goodbye

Goodbye Mother Earth, you served us well
Your rolling hills, your gorgeous lakes
You have been swell
Your fucking flowers, your fresh breeze
Your blue skies all day
Your twinkling stars, your northern lights
It's time to go away

Me and KG are going into space
And we are never coming home again
We're gonna miss you, we'll never kiss you
We're gonna go have lots of sex in space
Sex in space

Farewell my friend
We're talking to the Earth again
We're gonna party with Elon Musk in space
Ah-ah-ha yeah
Richard Branson partying hard
We're gonna kick it with him
We're gonna drink some space juice mixed with gin
Oh yeah

We're partying in space to save the human race
We're gonna have to shoot some goo
We're cumming in space
We're cumming inside of you