"King Kong Jam" lyrics - TENACIOUS D

"King Kong Jam"


There's a little place I know
Where a bunch of funky people live
They were looking for a sacrifice
One that they had to give

[Chorus 1:]
To King Kong
Where did he go wrong?
King Kong
That's why I wrote this song
King Kong
They took him to a world
Where he don't belong

Had to find a lady to give to Kong
To keep that chunky monkey tame
He fell in love with Naomi Watts's character
I forget her name
Okay, I have to admit, I didn't read the script
'Cause I find that it gets in the way
Of my acting process, which I've carefully honed
And also I don't know how to read

[Chorus 2:]
King Kong
Pass the grey poupon
King Kong
Fighting the Vietkong
King Kong
Everybody bang a gong
For King Kong
'Cause he don't belong

Alright, this is where the song gets really personal, so listen up

I show up at the set at a quarter to noon
Then I pretend to get a nasty cramp
So I could get back to my sweet-ass trailer
And take myself a tasty nap
Then the director dude come and pound on my door
And say"Jack, this has got to STOP!"
But then the next day, I had my sweet revenge
By urinating in his coffee pot

[Chorus 3:]
On the set of King Kong!
Wears a massive thong
King Kong
He got it going on
King Kong
Jack Black wrote this song

So do yourself a favor
Please clap along
Everybody now
Clap with me
But do not sing
The singing's my job
You'll only mess up the song, trust me
One, two, three

[Chorus 4:]
King Kong
Open in Hong Kong
King Kong
He listens to Cheech and Chong
King Kong
This is his theme song

He's a crazy old gorilla
And he guarantee a thrilla
And once you see the movie
You'll be feeling pretty groovy
And a rooby dooby da ba do ba ba bo oh