"The Big Guns" lyrics - THE WATSON TWINS

"The Big Guns"

Well, you praise him, then you thank him
Until you reach the by-and-by
And I've won hundreds at the track, but I'm not betting on the afterlife
Then you kiss his lips; he forgives you for it
He forgives you for all you've done
But not me, I'm still angry
What have I done?
Why am I always messing with
The big guns?
First, I'll build a sword, get some words to explain
It's a plan, brother, at least
And I'll pretend that everbody here wants peace
Have mercy, have mercy
Have mercy on me
Because we're tired and lonely, and we're bloody
What have we done?
Why are we still running from our own failing bodies?
The big guns
The big guns
Sing mercy, sing mercy
Sing mercy on me
Let's pretend that everybody here wants peace
What have we done?
Why are we still chasing our own tails, and running
From the big guns?
The big guns
The big guns