"Bitter Sweet" lyrics - WAR OF AGES

"Bitter Sweet"

Death over life
A blueprint you have drawn
Silence over sound
Your casket awaits six feet deep
Rage over mercy
The blood drains from your wrist
The champion holds his title no more
Six demons wait patiently for their chance to attack
You claim that no ones around
I say look past the gun
Lift the veil and see all that share their love
Don't feel that death is the way
The deaf try to carry a tune while the blind fall on their face
But adversity will never slow them down
Now look inside
Wipe my slate clean
Stop this tonight
Value everyday as precious and worthwhile
A change you'll see when black turns to white
Let it go
Blood stained walls
This blade is dead weight at best
Grab your throat
This body hangs by a knot
Burn your mask
God tear these scales from my eyes
Pure at heart this burden haunts me no more