"Stone By Stone" lyrics - WAR OF AGES

"Stone By Stone"

I used to look at my life
And ask God "why?"

How could this happen to me?
You've betrayed me at first breath
Every time I turn to walk
You were there to knock me down

Here I am down on my knees again
Give me a reason to live
Or help me understand
Why I feel I'm at war
Answer my only heart's cry
Let me hear the sound of your voice
I know I'm not just here
Bring purpose for my life

Even now that my passion grows
Inside me I can't fight it
Even now the balance that I held
Has fallen and buried me

Everything that we felt
From birth until now
Has helped build us
Into who we are

Brick by brick
Stone by stone

We were built brick by brick
To make a stand for all to see
I see now what we were meant for
We were born and bred for war

We're scared and plagued with pain
Yet without hesitation we're sent out in the middle of a war and told to survive
How is this fair?
We take a look at the world and see that it's struggling, scared, and falling apart
Yet we stare straight into the eyes of the world and press on
Even though it screams back, "you'll fail."
Yes, this world is struggling, scared, and falling apart
However, this world wasn't built to last and we are
Each one of us have desires within that we must fight for
The enemy is cunning and will try to attack us where our defenses are most weak
During these times we mustn't close our eyes and harden our hearts in fear
We must turn and face our enemy and fight for every last breath
The road is long, hard, and filled with trials and temptation
When we fall, we must have the strength to pick ourselves back up and press on

Brick by brick
Stone by stone
Brick by brick
Stone by stone...