"Hero Freestyle" lyrics - WIZ KHALIFA

"Hero Freestyle"

Its yoooouuuung Khalifa man
Oh [7x]

Alot of y'all thinkin its yo time but I'll tell you it's Taylor Gang season
I got 'em mad so they tryna talk bad but I don't care 'cause mother fucker I'm eatin'
And my city got faith in me 'cause I give 'em someone to believe in
They tell me I'm a hero
A young mother fuckin hero

The best when I'm flowin', get goin', no way I can stop
Superhuman strength but don't show it so call me Hancock
Benny off of Sandlot, I pick on the Beast
Represent my city streets when I shit all over beats
Young Pete Park how I stick to a track, man
The way I make hits you should call me the Batman
I'm more like a Jetson 'cause nigga I'm spacely
I'm eatin' like Pac-Man you playin' like Jackson
A role model but gotta keep me some weeds whirled
Ridin' with a superhero dime I call her G girl
Know I'm a star my car's parked out of the world
And my diamonds kind of remind lil mama of sea world
Homie you niggas got zero
They say they need someone to come and save the game and I'ma motherfuckin' (hero)
A young mother fuckin' (hero)
No cape, I'm tatted up to my face
I know more than half of you niggas fake
Like the mystery men roll a swisher sweet then
I gets ill T. Milli tell 'em I'm bad news
I straight run this shit, punisher, Frank Castle
I'm Tony without the iron suit
I put that mother fucker on ain't no tellin' where I'm goin'
Got my pedal to the floor, you'll never be in my lane
Can't remember my name they notice me from my chain, lets go
I'm Young Wizzle, I'ma keep this thing poppin'
This year my CD gone be the sickest thing droppin'
Makin' money off of rap you niggas need options
The way I get that green they say I be green goblin
I became boss man, y'all remain lame now I'm somewhere gettin' tan smokin' swisher sweets, coughin'
Fresh like a body, yeah a body in a coffin
Might as well take you back to '97 I'm the bomb like bl-ow