"Low Ridin' Freestyle" lyrics - WIZ KHALIFA

"Low Ridin' Freestyle"

Yeah, It's young
Rostrum Records, Heavy Hustle, Warner Bros
It's Mr. Khalifa Man, Khalifa Gang, Taylor Gang or Die
And don't swagger jack me tho, ask for it

Picture me south west PA, on my way to LA
Blackberry going nuts, them goes be calling all day
They know I got what you need for ya
Critics know my flow is coke, I got that Medellin for ya
And I be riding all day, in my Low Rider
I get high like elevators, but this ain't Flo-Rida
No writer can't compare, my swag on 100
I'm so fly I'm in the air, I'm like a young superhero
Wanna ride with the kid? Everything tatted
From my neck to my hands, wanna star then you got it
Gotta charm full of stones, a belt full of phones
Pockets glowing out with money, gibson linen in my home

[Hook 2x:]
However far away
I will always love you
However long I stay
I will always love you

I be out of state pimping, different cities going hard
Bottles getting ordered, when you see me and my squad
Rolling weed up in cigars, you smoking that garbage
If you seen what's in my blunt, you wouldn't even wanna spark it
I'm smoking that?, I'm high all day
Little mommy got a body I can slide in all ways
That's why I want to blaze with ya (blaze with ya)
You ain't gotta worry bout a thing you with young Khalifa