"Star Power" lyrics - WIZ KHALIFA

"Star Power"

Turn me up a little bit more
It's Young Khalifa man
Star Power
Taylor Gang or Die
It's star year, get used to it

Uh, feel like the sky is the limit
And nothing come easy you gotta grind till you get it
They say the star life is addictive
And me I'm so high, I'm flying defying physics
I'm wearing hundred dollar draws no flaws
Wizzle on the hands free call, young boss
Blackberry ringing, Sidekick buzzin'
Got my money right, can't tell me nothin'
If I said I wasn't all in
I'd be lying like a lady who's fallen
Chain sick and the watch face swollen
See me now wish I'd go back to the old him
But Wizzle won't change for the world
I live life fast any day could be your last
Blow ten stacks, then go and get it back in a hour
Thats what the fuck I call Star Power, lets go

[Hook 2x:]
They say you get out what you put in to it
So my all's what I give
And now I'm just talking about the life of a star
Homie that's what I live
And the niggas that I'm with, hustle heavy
In your city, every state, with my Taylor Gang family

Yup, this good living got me open
Make you feel like you took a hit of what I'm smoking
The high life, yeah that's my life
And it's possible to die twice
But you only live once, so I'mma live it up
Pop bottle after bottle, rolling kush filled blunts
I feel like I've been chosen
And I don't fix it if its broken, I buy a new one
The way I blow hundreds
Make people say they should of never gave niggas money
If you was me, I guarantee you'd do the same thing
Cop anything when you want it
They say fame's the most dangerous drug
I played with it, now I can't get enough
And came up - a customer
But now I'm the supplier
And that's what I call Star Power, lets go

[Hook 2x:]