"Bare Knuckle Boxing" lyrics - 7L & ESOTERIC

"Bare Knuckle Boxing"
feat. Heavy Metal Kings & Reef the Lost Cauze

*A.O.T.P., 7L, ES*
*7L, ES, Yeah*
*Philly in the motherfucking building*
*Logan what up, Lost Cauze*
*Little X what's good*

[Verse 1 Esoteric]
This is bare-knuckle boxing, what the hell walked in
Chuck Liddell locked in steel cage with wage in oxen
This is 7Ls concoction, there ain't no fucking sample on no eBay auction
It was a rapper popper shit, my fashion, my world
He came home with black guys like Kardashian girls
Your thug image is getting old like Cameron Diaz
I got more sixteens than a jewish rehab
They run the streets in Medina, more like the [?]
I'm like the lethalist leader, I speak with evil demeaners
You rap for keys and a beemer, to me you seem like a dreamer
Get on your knees in my arena, you can't see me like Cena
You only sleep with a heater, when they cut off your gas
And this is animal rap, you think I'm speakin for P.E.T.A
Think I'm a leadist like Jeter, your breath control emphysema
ESC to nonbelievers with the speed of a cheetah (Ayo)

[Verse 2: Ill Bill]
The god of war snuffed the hoe, and smacked the shit out of Thor
Rest in peace to Howie and be still for carnivore
Since Christ video fist banged Hitler's wife
Gone to script those types, long black pistol pipes
[?] with my buddy, my tech 9
Death finds many in the valley of the deaf and blind
Genocidal idle vital violence spite analyze
While the powers of the Earth collided, crisis
Our survivals priceless
Fuck with us, it's suicidal to arrive knifeless
But guns is such a futile [?], this guy's righteous
But he's never still overstill
So you find him in the back lounge in the tour bus smoking kush
Leave him be, let him do his drug
You don't want to drink the E&J punching people in they're mouth with guns
Bitches sucking dick on they knees, scrounching tongue
Exploded in the throat and exited from out her lungs
Then exited through shattered windshield from out the bus
Then splattered all over her woman friend's blouse and such
Then she exited the bus on a [?]
Still horny in a walk of shame through a crowd of thugs

*Rip you out the frame*
*Rip you out the frame*

[Verse 3: Vinnie Paz]
Yeah, Pazmanian Damien
The.40 cal got the baddest curves, bullets crack through your sciatic nerve
I use inverted human skulls so I can stash the herb
My life consists of drinking alcohol and smashing birds
A white boy with an accurate shot, Larry Bird
It's bare-knuckle boxing, my fist will crack the curb
I make hardbody music that they trash and [?]
I carry RPGs like I'm an Arab [?]
The black four pound silly but the mac absurd
You a sucker, you pinch pennies and sell dimes
I'm the father and I'm son slaughter like Mel Kwime
I'm from Philly, it's where the Liberty Bell shines
I'll let you fucking have heaven pussy, 'cause hell's mine
I drank a bottle of Fire Water and felt fine
You an amirite, incapable how to tell time
I'm the fire proprietor of a stealth mine
I spit fire out my mouth but I inhale crime

[Verse 4: Reef The Lost Cauze]
Check it, yeah
Superhero theme music, no mask and cape
Just a bag of grape that's stickier than masking tape
I'm a dooby head, higher than a groovy dread
If you were a dope rapper at all, than you'd be dead
When the gauge buck ya, you better pray sucka
My team in the bean cut ya, word to blade runners
Stay in your lane fucka, you a gutter ball
Snuff your broad, I love no bitch unless it's a fucking dog
Forever fresh, still rockin' it, never left
Sold out shows with white dudes in sweater vests
The fly casual rhyme animal
I am the wolf, jump off stage and tell you that I'm radical
B-Boy stance, no gloves or headbands
I rap and smoke weed, I'm just trynna be Redman
Never trust the words of a would-be dead man
Now rewind this shit like [?] when he said fan

Yeah, A.O.T.P
Yeah it's the army
That's right
We got uniforms and all that
That's right, haha

*Rip you out the frame*
*Rip you out the frame*
*Rip you out the frame*
*Rip you out the frame*