"Zoo" lyrics - 7L & ESOTERIC



Beats bump louder, east gunpowder
I live this, you run a label on your lunch hour
More pharaoh, no 4-4 barrel
MCs get Slaine like they're called George Carroll
School your boy like [?], I make your bud wiser

I'm only warning ya, clear the corridor
Bodies everywhere, prepare the coroner
Take a kick from Alabama, snare from
And turn beef with immigration into dinner invitations
Get your nose broke and bent
I ain't yelling at a Jersey shore
When I'm going off on a tangent
Do you get it, get it? Even asking is pathetic
But I gotta get my credit, I've been riding and gliding
I wet the beat up like Poseidon
I'm widing the blast radius, I'm rotting like Johnny Lydon
Colliding with Joe Biden, there's no hiding
My flow is providing little breathing room for these weak buffoons
And even goons, I smack MCs and laugh
Rest in peace, Steve Banger, y'all about to feel my damn wrath

Yo, yo, let me chill, let me chill, yo bring in the... bring in the piano, yo

I'm like auto-tune, you don't want it on the mic with me
Psychically, original heat, Rony Seikaly
I'm Lance Armstrong, yeah, mad people ride for me
I'm like aluminum and vinyl, mad people sign with me
I would've scribbled that shit out a few years back
But now it's 2010, who gives a fuck about that?
I know you don't, you just care about downloading shit
And getting shit for free
And that type of stuff don't really sit right with me
Nah, all that bullshit, I'm past it
I ain't on Twitter talking 'bout my new shit you never heard's a classic
Listen, rap shit isn't what it used to be
We try and adapt, but y'all take and never give back
What the fuck is up with that?
I exemplify dope at the end of my road
Why these labels tryna [?] like a [?]
The label's penny pinching, [?] like Jennie Finch-ing
Is how they deal, keeping it real is their Achilles' heel
Feel what I say or get scarred [?]