"Retrospects" lyrics - 7L & ESOTERIC


[Verse 1: Esoteric]
Thinking it back it's like, check it
Every year I thought I came back harder
Thought I came back smarter
Dealt with mad drama
Yo 'Strontium 90'
First verse iron man's armour
I was putting that shit on, you can ask 'Karma'
Drop order call 'em brickabang
Then Australia 'Be Alert', deffrons far from a failure
Made an EP friend, 90 somethin' BPM
Sampling "Can -tee- Ems" yes even back then yo
'Soul Purpose' had me going out my mind matter
The boom, the bap, the think back mic master
Basically it focused on me as a fly rapper
Next album had me as a 9/11 hijacker
Wrote a song about a patient called it 'Word Association'
'7L' on production
Crushing MPC and SP12 hundred buttons
Vinyl thugging, with 'Beyonder'
Yo' 7' bring the cuts in

[Verse 2: Esoteric]
'7LES' yes starting fresh
It was war cousin, yes we wrote 'Bars of Death' (Eh Yo)
I thought I was the one
I made a song about the US flag and disguised it as gun but
No one got it they missed it and the massacre that I did not as a rapper but as a character(tell 'em)
In 'Graphic Violence' they were like "Go back to science"
So I did a joint with a 'New Black Panther' in defiance
Time passed rapping became boring and stressful
Came with 'A New Dope' devil did electro
This is way before everybody went retro
And 'Kanye West' sampled that punk like a klepto'
The haters said "Yes that'll be the death blow"
Until I dropped 'Egoclapper' succsesful - ly
A real MC
Got it fast son, I took 'Gary Newman's' keyboard made an album
'Fly Casual', 'The 'Purpose and Plan'
Came back with 'Esoteric vs Japan'
And man, 'Kill Bill O'Reily' made people nervous
B they had 'ECA' up on MSNBC
But hey, I kept on moving got the phone calls and death threats
Next step, had to keep my rep, make a concept album
60 minutes plus
About euthanizing a dog and an imaginary friend's trust
1 2 1 2 this is '1212' now
'7LES' back to give 'em hell now

Yeah, I wanna send a shout out; to '7L' he got my back
'Beyonder', 'Truth Elemental' 'Papa D'
Of course my man 'Karma', 'Fly Casual'
And to my man 'Real C'
And everybody in the 'AOTP'
'Trademarc' and 'DC'
You know the deal uh
El Recko what up uh uh
My man 'Jawn P'
If I forgot ya, it ain't like I shot ya, you know what I'm sayin'?