"April Clouds" lyrics - ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA

"April Clouds"

I died again this morning
In a womb as grey as rain
No solice, no pity
I grasp the abyss of pain

In blood I pain
To release from this shell of dirt
Mortal expressions, vivid but so faint
Strokes forbidding, black and frail

Early April first dead light
Witness my thoughts
Words I don't know before
The meaning you cuold not understand

I am old as damn Methuselah
Bitter, worn and cold
A life-time I lived this day
Birth, love, then decay

Years of ice were melt away
In a single warm caress
But innocence was never meant to stay
Now nothing remains but the grave

I am not afraid of dying
I will melt in the soil
Unite with my maker
Escape this flogged coil (free at last)

You showed me that rusty dagger
And carved out my heart
But a painful death can't frighten me more
Than a single word of love

Everything's hollow
And sorrow wil follow
'Cause I am
The oldest of them all