"Bitter Root" lyrics - ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA

"Bitter Root"

El jefe, humanitary god
Erazor, subtle nature love
Zodiac bloodmate, extends the pleasure of pain
Spit out then chew, fly ugly fly fly

Delirium, aphrodisiac trash
Inner sanctum, oh mandrake man
Revolution, anarchy in the cell
Beggars day mission, pride and passion play

Blackhearted poison in the Bacchus canal
The bitter root
O varg e veum, I dined and I choked on
The bitter root

Yeah, I tasted
The bitter root

Concise and focused
Exit, red light
Deranged hocus pocus with all
The crystalized virus intact
This chemical error
Computerized death
Will amplify and sustain
The fragile karma that's left

Yeah, I tasted
The bitter root, yeah