"Stigmata" lyrics - ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA


Like a ton of bricks
The ultimate fix
In this 'shangri-la'
I'm the human crucifix

Brutalized penetration
Nine inch salvation
The ecclestical thrill
Instant life refill

Pandemonic pain
Relation profane
A neurotic mission
To purified non-fiction

Magnified recussance
The salt of the endurance
But I hate the pleasance
Of iconized acceptance

It's called frustration
It's called frustration
So called frustration
Who needs frustration

I need frustration
We need frustration

As a product of the environment
I accept the causes of the jungle
Mentally. But when I walk through the
Shadow of the valley of death I fear all evil

I hide under my stone
Where my ego can be alone
From all violated eyes
And supersonic lies


Ethno-cultural storms
Butterflies and worms
Aphasic isolation
And total aggravation

An observing eye
When worlds collide
The apathic relation
Is like clinical masturbation