"Who What Where When" lyrics - ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA

"Who What Where When"

Stormcloud intrution, warning you by-passed the system
Stretched, overloaded, the files of the co-ordinated mantra
I sanction the urge to fulfill the psychological self
Formaldehyde euphoria, coma in the traumatic modem

I laughed in my voids as I counted the seconds in fragments
I crept through the frames of the board in a virtual sequence
Gone is the pilot, the egg and the boy in the segment
A coagulated cosmos balance that hysterical frequence

A single neutron floating in a different universe
A cloud among planets drifting by the whims of man

Who what where when

I stole the untold wish
Marked it and made it to mine
A suitcase full of secrets
Contained only my silence
Safe inside this plastic sphere
I traded the dream for a map
Recycling the winding galaxy

A asceptic of secondary absence
A premature guide to the flow
A located word of the sentence
Will feed me with what I need to know


Paralyzed coitus interruptus
Genetic hallucinated crisis
A rat in the trap like young Moses
Can bloom out of him metamorphosis


I open the screen to the mission
The final infernal decoy
A brainchild of pure demolition
The purpose is seek and destroy

Who what where when