"Away" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.


[Intro: Kenneth Whalum]
You found yourself away from me
Come back home
You can come back home
Fight your way back home
Fight your way back home

[Verse 1: Big KRIT]
Yeah, one time for the people who done lost it all
I apologize if you waiting and I never called
Out for help, it's a shame how we out for self
Money, power and respect: alpha male
I never cried til I saw my granny peaceful
Dropped a tear in her casket, let it grow a rose
It's amazing how easy it is to lose control
When you far from home you find your soul
Feet planted firmly on the ground
Eyes to the sky, no need to turn around
For those pillars of salt
You may not know how to fish, but look at what I caught
Enough to feed the family in whole
Words are just words, but some words as good as gold
And the wind don't let up in it's
Hard to get up in the fog, it never dissolves
Leaves you fed up for a piece of mind
So many villains on my path
I pray that I never have to reach for mine, to each his own
What good is a throne once the king is gone?
I die for what's right just to prove you wrong
My partner was a rolling stone
But he trade his stash box, one room cotton of crack rock
For a decent meal and a happy home
'Cause we get lost amongst the stars
The day is love in case we never see tomorrow
'Cause we get lost amongst the stars
Today is love, in case I never see tomorrow
Pray for me, wait for me
If I fall short, the devil give chase for me
Stay for me, have faith for me
Save a warm plate and some space for me
When I get home
When we get home

[Outro: Kenneth Whalum]
You can find your way back home
You can find your way back home
You can find your way, you can find your way
You can find your way back home