"Egyptian Cotton" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Egyptian Cotton"

I'm out in Sweden this evening, Stockholm this summer
Champagning with pretty models that pose while they slumber
You have to see to believe it, Eiffel my tower
A long way from that bopper house, game playing there for hours
That was breakfast in bed, too high up to be scared
No key card, you a fraud, ain't no taking the stairs
Complimentary the emphasis on compliments
I really didn't need a suite, but the view beneath is ambient
Honestly, I'm really at a lost of words
300 block to seeing half the world
From the slumest of conditions to living in the 'burbs
Niggas claim they selling out, but that sound so absurd
'Cause wasn't we younguns watching the cars pass by, like "That's mine"?
Visit my father's friends on Christmas like they rich and we not
They had a pyramid of presents, stacked 'em up to the top
Get back home like, "Damn, Zac, I think this is all that we got"
No disrespect to my pops, Winn-Dixie just wasn't paying
My mama did what she could, as a kid I heard patience was a virtue
On the first day of school those last year shoes, could hurt you
Stains on those Paco jeans belong on Tide commercials
So they talk and they laugh, I swore I'd get back
Now them double RL's is hard and my G-Star's they got slack
And we grown, those dead stock J's, I had them flown
Didn't even put 'em on, ain't nothing set in stone
Only Egyptian cotton

Life could be as smooth as Egyptian cotton
Life should be as cool as Egyptian cotton
I can't seem to lose on Egyptian cotton
Falling to the grooves of Egyptian cotton

It's getting harder not to sleep in
When every day is the first day of a well-deserved weekend
I halt the sun in my blind so it won't peek in
Then roll over on the damsel down for freakin'
Room service replenished, energy needed
She opened the door and she barely decent
Ass out, I dig her like, "Who gon' stop us now?"
I might not see her again, let's go another round
That's how it is when you come and go
That's how it is when we come and go
That phrase never meant so much to me before
Now, as it stands, it's the only motto that I know
Dad ain't get money, but we do that
Private jets first class, I been flew that
Who that trying to sum up my success?
It's like sleeping on the best, Egyptian cotton