"What You Know About It?" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"What You Know About It?"

Rollin' 'round town, king with my crown
Pullin' Pullin' up, shuttin' shuttin' down
Seat back recline, Alpine surround
Choppers on pirellis, trunk poppin' clown

Digi in my dash, what you know about it?
TVs in the glass, what you know about it?
Road still boppin', what you know about it?
Trunk pop lockin', what you know about it?
You don't ride clean, four or five screens
Grill still mean, horizontal lean
(Doors on slam while the bass going ham
Slowed up like man, got the haters like damn)

Last shot shawty, bet the game on it
Dime piece, dying to put my name on it
Screens in my city let 'em hang on 'em
Po-Po-Police, 15's I let 'em bang on 'em
Suicide doors, Cobain on 'em
Ridin' rims swoll, switchin' lanes on 'em
Guillotine whip, I let it swang on 'em
Gorilla in my truck, I need a chain on it
Not a stain on it, candy paint the frame on it
Fresh and clean J's, tryna' sniff it like its caine on it
Diamond pinky ring, I grip the grain on it
450 corner bendin', I could pull a train on it


Pass by your crib and knock your shutters down
Forget what you heard, I'm still underground
Creepin' like a lizard on the scene
I don't save 'em, I got gators
Talkin' flavors, I got green
Trickin' ain't for me it ain't my DNA
Her product prolly free, she pay me anyway
Shake junt club poppin' back seat
My chevy hop scotchin' if you ask me
Last week, ballin' on them lames under city light
King tut, gold olympic winnin', what you livin' like
Cold as ice, burn
Let me learn ya, if you wanna know
32 degrees when I speak like I'm under snow


[Outro 2x]