"Wolf On Wallstreet" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Wolf On Wallstreet"

This for my homies, uh
We gotta get it, till all my family make it
Fuck it I'll pay it pimpin'
I ain't playin' with bustas
Hoes they tryin' to fuck me
Pussy can get you caught up
Set you over some duckets
Tell 'em I'm bout the business, money over these bitches
Breakin' bread with my niggas, strangers make me suspicious
Keep it real if you're bout it
Never fall off your focus, business between the family
Boppers need more controllin'
Laws get right behind me, I hit the signal
Movin' in on my hustle, don't see them niggas
All praise to my savior, thanks for the paper
Jordans and Alligators, that's just my flavor
Bottles come by the buckets, uh
Beautiful ugly, uh
Stunnin' in public, uh
These haters love it
Wait till the moon out, foreigns and jewels out
Choose or lose now, that's what my crew bout

[Hook 5x:]
Bitch I'm bout my business

This for them bitches, clockin' my figures
See it, want it, and buy it, motherfuck how I spend it
I ain't playin' with bustas, chickens that known for cluckin'
Finger lickin' and suckin', wash your hands 'for you touch me
Tell 'em I come for millions, money tucked in the ceilin'
Padded pigs and beef grillin', balling'll hurt they feelin's
Keep it real if you scared, never front I'm just flexing
Keep your hands on the wheel, 'laxing can make you reckless
Jackers get right behind me, I push the limit
Do it there with the muffler, like come and get it
All praise to my savior, during life and after
Everyone collectin', can't trust a pastor
Problems come by the dozen, uh
Hate it or love it, uh
Live for the moment, uh
Pay till you own it
Wait till the moon out
Foreigns and jewels out, we in to win now
Thats what my crew's bout

[Hook 5x]