"Drinkers Club" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Drinkers Club"
feat. A$AP Ferg, Juicy J & Rittz

[Hook: Big K.R.I.T.]
Welcome to the drinkers' club [3x]
(Roll it down, roll it round, pour it up, where yo' cup?)
Welcome to the drinkers' club [3x]
(Roll it down, roll it round, pour it up, where yo' cup?)

[Verse 1: Big K.R.I.T.]
Brown bottles in my system, hoes all at my door
Heard it was going down, and they just wanna go
Dirty all in my grill, Three 6 got this bitch rockin'
Swear I was still in college, look like a hotel lobby
Ho, get on the floor, throwed as fuck and it shows
On another level, let the smoke settle, ho
We runnin' out so get mo'
I got a empty cup, I might fill it up wit' yo' bitch pussy if she go
I ain't even trippin' if the room spinnin' long as I could ride it out slow
Twerk team for me, pro, camera phone is yo' lights
Take this here to yo' dome, you don't need no ice
Eyes red and they tight, two in the morn', we just started
Hangin' onto my chandelier screamin' she just wanna party, bih!


[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Homie, where's yo' cup? Purple in my slush
Keep sippin', no quittin', ain't no such thing as too much
Juicy ain't no lame, I got yo' dame in my truck
And shawty ain't got no shame in her game, she a slut
I'm in yo' city for one night only
Same old shit, she wanna ride like a pony
Come here, pretty bitch, rock my mic
You just might get you a signing bonus
Diamond studded, the fine hoes love it
Look yo' chick in the eye, she blushin'
Pull yo' chick to the side, we fuckin'
Walk yo' chick outside, she suckin'
And she gon' blame it on the molly
You could take her back, she sorry
The way I killed that pussy, I swear my dick be catchin' bodies
I turn her face to a target, she blow me like a cartridge
I got game like an old Atari - poof - I'm gone in my Ferrari


[Verse 3: Rittz]
Shit, I'm drunk in love or gettin' drunk or buzzed
So wanna come get drunk wit' us?
It's like my heart [?]
Take a Xannie bar and crush it up
And twist the cap on a Jack in a jug and chug
I'm drinkin' straight a bottle, fuck a shot glass
Bumpin' OutKast, bout a half or too many, gotta fall back
That Bulleit Bourbon got me feelin' bulletproof
Wakin' up in [?] like "Where the hell is the dog at?"
So fuck Tylenol, I take another shot of Fireball
And bounce back in no time at all
The same night, I'm met my homies wit' some bitches
Gettin' drunk and it's too late for me to drive 'em home
I got that B plan but I usually got the slow cruise on
But tonight I got these hoes threwed on
My homeboy's futon, I'm bout to fuck somethin'
Where ya cup, woman? Drink, ho, I know you wan'
Up in this drinkers' club

[Verse 4: A$AP Ferg]
Welcome to the drinkers' club, I'm sippin'
Lookin' for some cootie cat to slip in
Magic City, booty clappin', strippin'
In the club, I'm slippin' off this Henny
I see potential in that cutie right there
Just imagine Paula Patton, fatter ass and
Baby oil on her back and
Drippin' down that thong and crack and all her man
Wonder in the world can she do on the gas
And tell ya this and tell ya that
Tell ya how she get screwed and just strip for cash
I don't wanna hear that shit no more
'Cause I'm drunk as fuck and my vision gone
They mixed my Henny up wit' Patron