"Smoke And Mirrors" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Smoke And Mirrors"

[Hook: Big KRIT]
I'm tired of these smoke and mirrors
I see it clear
Too many bojangles' I cheer
In mama [?]
Playing dress-up like they real
But I know they fit
The progression of the people under the stairs
That's too poor to come up there
But we knocking doors, off the hinges
Tryna stay one with ourselves, and not these prisoners
That AK say I can go anywhere, without a lintian
Don't let these old Versace lenses, cloud your vision
Along with smoke and mirrors

[Verse 1: Big KRIT]
I had to take a breath and chill on it
I got some Soul that's if you still want it
Down home, country shit
Bitch yeah I'm still on it
You might have bit a style or two, but ain't no skill on it
It ain't jumping out the gym if there ain't no rims on it
Candy paint ain't poppin' enough that you can throw some rim on it
Say you got that Ghetty Green, why you sprinkle stims on it?
Yeah I got family to feed, suggest you throw some M's on it
Trim on it, money trees need water to grow some [?] on it
Buy a house, two or three and let my mama live on it
So I can break bread with my partners, contrary to popular belief they tired of toting choppers cause

[Hook: Big KRIT]

[Verse 2: Big KRIT]
How many blunts you plan to smoke today?
How many drinks you need to stop the shakes?
I know the feeling when the ceiling's the only thing to watch
And it's either gas your car or buy food for your spot
8 'O clock, on the dot, they call you for them bills
Sallie Mae don't give a fuck, that's how you know shit's real
So we comply, getting by is hard enough
Them law know what you sellin' 'cause they ain't that far from you
Stake they two damn cars from ya
And them junkies be [?]
Just the P will cost you re-up so you hustlin' for nothing
Wanna leave but all your people hold you back 'cause they struggling
So you feeling like fuck it, another crab in the bucket

[Hook: Big KRIT]

[Interlude: Big KRIT]
Gravity can't hold us, if you judging by my colors
Then you don't really know me, if you ain't at all love
Then what you trying to show me
Another car, another crib, another deal, another Rolley
'Cause I done seen it all and
That's not a reflection of, what I'm meant to be
It's monetary at the less so
So what we gon' do now?
This time's ticking, please for give me
I'll admit