"Never Going Back" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Never Going Back"

See Me on Top, Volume 4, Shawty
Cadillactica, coming soon
November, pimpin', it's going down

I'm never going back
To that broke shit
9 to 5, getting by, being po' shit
I'm never going back
Pockets low shit
To all the mothafuckas out here on that ho shit
I'm never going back
To bumming rides
Taking chances, riding dirty to survive
I'm never going back [3x]

Only lord knows
To a pocket full of lint and bullshit clothes
One bill away from being in the suit line
Yeah, my nigga got jammed, but I'm gonna get mine
Damn, my nigga got kids, I gotta help out
If I don't fight for my spot, then I'm left out, stressed out
Hoping God can throw a good son a blessing
'Cause going two days without eating just ain't healthy
Sitting in this four corner room, consuming all my doubts
Eviction notice been due, they bound to kick us out
Cop a room for the night, deep off in the drought
I'm too grown to be on grandma's couch


Where they left me at?
Out here for the wolves
When you hustle just to scrape for change, hard to play it cool
Now it's Louis loafers, all on your sofa, like, 'fuck this couch'
Went from crinkled dollars to banding benjis and large amounts
Let's say[?], pray over this cake we cutting
Been on my grown man shit since ladies [?]
I rest on a cot, they see a lock[?]
I touch down in every spot
It takes a vacay just to shop
She bougie, only seen the type of shit in the movie
Live the type of life you wish that you knew me
Grew up rocking Gibraltar[?], white tees, bubble toes, and Pumas
Now it's [deadstock] stock[motherfucker]


To folding clothes, at clothing stores, for $5.84[?]
To pay bills and work some more on the daily
Na, baby, no party for my b-day
I'm sorry I can't be there
I'm out here chasing payment
Lately my heart been aching
I feel like I should do better
The world we in gets colder and colder
Go get my sweater and bundle up
Summer just ain't warm enough to heat the souls of many
I'm out here scraping pennies
Pray the crooked law don't sentence me to death
With my hands up, hard to pull my pants up
Running for dear life while I'm jammed up
Slammed and mishandled 'em
Police there[?]
[?] cameras while media Wikipedia me to be a vandal
Memories of energy flow through my burned candles
On the corner 'till the wind blow
I wrote that bar for all my dope selling kin folk
Risk taking everyday
I pray that y'all settle down, get married, find a wife, then throw a bouquet, have kids, and be safe
And teach 'em what our parents didn't teach us
The music just don't reach 'em like it reach us
So now it's on us to be the leaders
'Cause we never going back


As long as you felt it, and it touched your soul
That's king me [?]