"Mind Fuck" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Mind Fuck"

She motherfuckin' nasty
She do her mothafuckin' thang
That monkey tighter than a hamstring
Campaign to break her off proper
She never had dick that left her ass asthmatic broken in half, shit
That pussy leave a mess
Squirtin' on my polo sheets, I got an extra set
Just in case I have to break her walls
Motorboat her pearly toe until it overflows like a broken stall
Gimme head, gimme head, don't be scared, ho!
I heard its good for your skin, what you scared for?!
If you want it that deep, prop your leg more
If you ain't want it this deep, what you beg for? Ho!

Let me fuck your brains out, baby!
Let me fuck your brains out, don't be scared

[Hook + Bridge]