"My Sub, Pt 3. (Big Bang)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"My Sub, Pt 3. (Big Bang)"
(Justin Scott)

Two fifteens, fifteens
Two fifteens, fifteens
I got two fifteens, fifteens
Two fifteens and I'm knockin' on these ho
Big bang ho, big bang ho
Big bang ho, I got two fifteens
Big bang ho, big bang ho
Big bang ho, I got two fifteens

This is how it all started way back
First the boomin' voice then the bass crack, 808
And that's when we first started fire
'Cause the speakers wasn't grounded and he fried all the wires
But he thought about the thump from the jump
Took it out the bat cave and he threw it in the trunk
And that's evolution for you peeps
Like this is how I'm supposed to get freaks, 808

Hoes can't twerk to the high hat, never
Cranking up the knob till he broke off the lever
Subbin' on these hoes, give a fuck about the treble
He could barely feel his face but he hit 'em with the bass like


Now this is how it all started way back
Your neighbor, neighbor, neighbor, neighbor's hate that
Basin' through my city like a junkie beat
With my trunk talking to you, bitch you better speak
Pull up to the club and I kill shit
Bitch you gotta be dead not to feel this, 808
My cousin passed his Alpines to me
Like this is how you supposed to get freaks, 808

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

No this ain't your ordinary subwoofer
Knocking down the pictures off the wall
I keep it crackin' in my trunk
Destroy your whole hood with that thump
That's if you want it like that player
Vibrate from M-I-Crooked all the way to Himalayas
Pandora box and custom made it
It's Sonic booming; Jackson State it
My trunk knock like Jehovah Witness
I made it to where haters had to play it
It's a really good fuckin' speaker do I have to say it?
It took me a year and some change just to calibrate it

Ain't nobody gonna stop this sub that I got in my trunk today
Crank it to the max till the pavements start to crack
And the fuck boy law give chase
Man hol' up I've been bassin' since bass been bass
The knob keep breaking and the swangers keep scraping
With these two fifteens wrecking shop all day
I'm bound to wake the block always
Big bang