"Standby (Interlude)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Standby (Interlude)"
(Justin Scott)

[Verse: Big KRIT]
It's feeling like one of those days
Dodging the sun, watching for shade
Playing the game, catching the fade
Doing what it takes to find a hole in this maze
Frankie Beverly melody in the tape deck and checkin' in the mirror for them ho laws
Tryna reach a quota so they so called
Control the atmosphere that I bogart
Good Lord, the streets ain't safe no more, I heard
From a little bird that always strolled those curbs
In the darkest alley where first come, first serve
The right time, the night time for her
But the day time's blurred
I knew her since the first grade, she was fast
I guess she never let up on the gas
Least but no least, she had me for some cash
The love of my life's now a ghost in the past
Crash landed in the worst place
I guess for some folk, everyday ain't they birthday
We ain't talkin' car if we asking mercy
You think she wanna fuck? What if she really thirsty?
Holy water, mama daughter
I keep a shoulder
For them to cry on
'Cause even the strong need someone to rely on
In these turbulent times, we got to fly on
So stand by, stand by, stand by, stand by