"Third Eye" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Third Eye"
(Justin Scott)

My two eyes saw your third eye
From across the room
I can see your soul babe
I think you my soul mate
My two eyes saw you third eye
From across the room
You remind me of a Goddess
Pardon if I fall in love too soon

I hate to rap and live life all alone
And I know this world is full of so many clones
But you original in your aura, it's sort of
Radiant and I can't ignore it
So, I don't wanna buy you no drank
Besides, I think you'd rather smoke your dank
And that's cool
I know you came with your friends
So you choose
If you wanna share your vibe, it's on you
It'd be a lie if I didn't say just the other day
I dreamed of picket fences and children playin' instruments
A lot of incense in one instance
I saw your face, you were full of Grace
At least that's what we named her
My angel had a angel, and I was so thankful
I know I barely know you, but I think you're so amazing
Fascinating, breathtaking
More than enough, my inspiration


To be honest this is all new to me
'Cause I ain't never know a third eye that I could see
Perhaps you're not in a space you're really supposed to be
We all hit the club from time to time to be set free
So, I won't judge if you won't judge
I think we both agree that this ain't the place for love
But I've known you in my past life somewhere, somehow
Stars aligned and brought us here, with no doubt
It'd be a lie if I didn't say you were something classic, far from average
I apologise if I'm oh so ol' fashioned
But I'm passionate about your passions
More intrigued with your mind
Than your ass and your assets
I'm asking how you feel
If I told you that I knew heaven was real
'Cause only God could create something that gives me chills
So angelic and so surreal, I'm being sincere that