"Change In The Weather" lyrics - CITY BOY

"Change In The Weather"

I woke up with rocks in my head
As I pulled on my shoes with my feet still in bed
Ooh, it was a lost weekend
Got to the table screaming, "Never again!"
And I was cursing my terrible luck
There was a hole in my shoe, I was late for the bus
Ooh, she was running for the stop
Got there together and the clouds opened up

There's a change in the weather
Better share an umbrella, there's a storm in the air
Change in the weather
We could stand in the doorway or run for the stairs
Ooh, feel a change for the better now

So I gave her my last cigarette
And we passed it between us with the paper getting wet
Ooh, there was a laugh in her eyes
Made it hard to consider goodbye
An it felt like a movie to me
As I came on like Bogart in a grey gabardine
I made a friend in the rain
I heard the song and said, "Play it again..."