"Domino" lyrics - CITY BOY


There's a fly on the wall, he must have seen it all
Buzzing around my head, the angry words that you said
And when he flies out the door, like you did once before
It brings it all home (Time after time)
Pick up the phone (I'm here all night)
Always alone...

Domino, I'm in the shadows, now your gone, you know
Domino, and I can't seem to find my way
Domino, you cut me deeper than the river flow
Domino, and I stays dark in here all day

It isn't easy to crawl, it isn't easy at all
But when you're never home, it's harder sleeping alone
I'd give the devil his due, for just one word from you
A card in the mail (Once in a while)
Those little details (Keep me alive)
Keep me alive