"Mr. Shoes" lyrics - CITY BOY

"Mr. Shoes"

A man could die of thirst
First to the bar and the last to get served
Landlord laughs
You can't get the staff these days

Guess who should walk through the door
Dressed to the nines
And looking nine more
Shows his face
Everyone in the place gets a wave

Hello M-m-m-Mr. Shoes
We love to look at you
Mr. Shoes
Solarium tan you could say he's a man
Mr. Shoes
We love to look at you

Mr. Shoes
A flick of the wrist
And a Listermint kiss
A boy could get sick of this
Sand in your face and the taste on your lips
And how come your suit looks much better
On you than me

It's so hard when you're 21
Life's too short when your nails are too long
And man I could use some of your
Mr. Shoes