"Heads Are Rolling" lyrics - CITY BOY

"Heads Are Rolling"

Down on the pampas they've got trouble on the campus
Where the students are revolting and the businessmen are mean
They've got plans for the Presidente - who needs El Presedente?
He don't help nobody...

Out on the islands, all that sunshine and violence
They say close down the casinos, and open up the bank
They've got plans for the government, who needs a government?
They don't help nobody...

Roll - heads are rolling, all around the world
Roll - heads are rolling, somebody pointing a finger at you

In the deserts and the jungles, there's an old familiar rumble
It's the natives getting restless, the guerrillas turning mean
They're headed for the White House, they're ready for a wipe-out
This crowd is looking ugly...

Got trouble on the hippie trail, an army's getting greedy
Everybody's getting nervous, can you tell me what it means?
They've got plans for Afghanistan, they've got their eyes on Pakistan
Don't it make you feel uneasy?