"Father Of Lies" lyrics - DEATH ANGEL

"Father Of Lies"

Judge others as I judge myself
Sometimes it's harsh but it can't be helped
I want to thrive, achieve victory
If you're weak willed then don't ride with me

Very few can endure the grind
But if you do, side by side we'll shine
The road is tough but it can be beat
If you're knocked down, get back up on your feet

I Shall be heard, and the reason's divine
My every word, so our people will shine
You've had your say, your claims bastardized
Leaving them betrayed, pathetic father of lies

Stick to my guns, and I stand by my word
The clash is loud but my voice shall be heard
The dust will settle, the smoke disappears
We'll raise the bar, do I make myself clear

You say it seems like I have something to prove
You bet that ass I'm going to prove it to you
Don't try to stifle me with tired old tricks
Use sleight of hand and I'll snap your wrist

The time has come, your cross to bare
Flee the sun for dark's hidden glare

Leader of nothing, how you had them all fooled
Knew from the start that you hadn't a clue
You have no substance, it's all so rehearsed
Same fucking melody, same fucking verse

Nothing but time now that's all you've earned
Reflect on disrespect to all that you've burned
Your reign is over, your legacy rusts
Your testament's a meager pile of dust