"Hell To Pay" lyrics - DEATH ANGEL

"Hell To Pay"

You've gained my trust and friendship
And then you flushed it away
In a moment of selfish deploring
The fragile prince, another public display

Reaction's lethal from me
I rise to face
You brought this situation
Unchallenged, you'll break

This world it owes you nothing
You take the easy route
You're so blind with no self motivation
Except to end things so you can go out

Lurid speaker, you toxic feeder
There's no damage on the way
Selfish user, trust abuser
There will be hell to pay
Trust forsaken, advantage taken
No has your back
Bold-faced liar, corrupt desire
Full blown assault attack

You bend my ear, it's torment
When things don't go as planned
Your attitude suggest a spoiled loser
Another superstar, a superman

You should have thought this through
Hell to pay