"The Electric Cell" lyrics - DEATH ANGEL

"The Electric Cell"

Pure shameless oppression
A new cure-less disease
Another man made religion
Sought to bring you to your knees

Electric light of distraction is pulling
A gravitational force
The all seductive looming poisonous bait
That you swallowed of course

Rapacious rats they surround you
And claim they mean no harm
Yet! They monitor your every move
Get you to follow with their snakelike charm

Slaving those tender fingers to the bone
For possessions they flaunt
Precise infiltration of your moth-like brain
Breed some more because that's what they want

You flew straight to the flame
You're a number no name
Ill equipped for the fall

Welcome to the lie, there's always room
Born into this life, the static tomb
You'll never flee, they have trained you well
This blinding cage, the electric cell

All you bastards will fall
Shamed, and trapped one and all
No one's loss, no one's gain
Useless hack, human stain

The final outcome is dismal
Your children's future? Bleak
It's all because you whored a worthless soul
For what they taught you all that
You should need

A cold deathly grip on the shovel of greed
You dig a mass unmarked grave
Just know your bones will be the first to lie
At the bottom of the masses betrayed