"It Can't Be This" lyrics - DEATH ANGEL

"It Can't Be This"

Again you're crashing down and you're losing your grip
You're feeling useless, again betrayed
The faceless staring you down as you stumble through town
Another misfit who's cloaked in shame

And soon you're hearing that voice
The one that pierces the noise
It screams there's no one but you to blame
I know you said it before
A thousand times, maybe more
But there's no way to shake this pain

Don't know what I want
But I know that it's not this
Another restless soul about to lose control
Of a life that I just won't miss

Don't know what I want
But I know it can't be this
You're slowly draining my heart
As your world falls apart
A tragic life that I just can't fix

I know you've had it quite rough
You feel enough is enough
And you've been dealt some nasty blows
But let me make myself clear
While your world disappears
You need to ride on your highs, not lows

Now dig your feet in the sand
And touch the sky with your hands
And God willing you will pull through
It's time I be on my way
I wish the brightest of days
Upon the dreamer that once was you

So don't let me see you cry
Let the sleeping dogs lie
Don't you throw it all away
I hope you prove them all wrong
With success far and long
Burning bright you fiery blaze

Where are you going?
Where are you going now?
Who are you chasing?
What are you chasing down?