"Storm Out On The Sea" lyrics - DIXIE CHICKS

"Storm Out On The Sea"

As a girl I watched the sailing ships
Like white birds on the sea
Their sails were wings that rode the wind
My heart longed to be free
I saw you standing by the sea
The beach was dark as death
But your hand was warm against my face
Your kiss was my life's breath

And lovin' you's like drowning in a storm out on the sea
Put your arms around me darling
Now and rescue me
And lovin' you's like drowning and I feel so all alone
Put your arms around me
And I'll never sail alone

You never said you'd stay with me
I never tied your hands
The way some frightened women do to keep their love on land
Where they can walk dry-footed
And never fear the tide
Or the moon upon the water
In their lover's arms they hide

The rain upon my body beat me down upon the sand
And the clouds came low and lonely
Loke lost sailors seeking land
Soon I learned that lovin' you means drowning in the sea
And you turned your back on me