"Thank Heavens For Dale Evans" lyrics - DIXIE CHICKS

"Thank Heavens For Dale Evans"

I grew up on Bob Wills and daydreams
My toes were a-tappin' to western swing
I wished upon a star
Atop an old boxcar
Chasing rainbows to the place the bluebirds sing
I painted my eyes up like Dolly
Sang with Kitty Wells 'til momma screamed
Then daddy shook his head as he carried me to bed
And tucked me in a-beggin' me to sing:

Thank Heavens for Dale Evans
You're everything I ever want to be
Yodel-lay-ee, Yodel-lay-ee
Dale Evans made a cowgirl out of me

Now I play my guitar with the cowgirls
And what I got they never bat an eye
Like Shirley Temple's curls
Thank heavens for the girls
We'll sing a song to make a cowboy cry
I never got the limo or the diamond
But I got my hat, my boots and my guitar
I'm proud enough to say
I'll always be this way
Like the girl who went and stole Roy Roger's heart