"West Texas Wind" lyrics - DIXIE CHICKS

"West Texas Wind"

It's a long thin line, it sure is a hot and dusty day
And Colorado's more than eight hundred miles away
I called to tell you that I'd be home sometime tonight
If the roads are clear and the weather is right

Now to say I miss you is putting it lightly, can't you see
There's nothing better than havin' you lying next to me
Early in the morning, honey you're the first thing on my mind
Like the risin' sun to the travelin' kind

West Texas Wind, tell me why you try to hold me back
Tugging at my heart and pulling on my sleeve
You and this old guitar, you're always up for picking just one more song
And if I listen long enough to you I might never leave

Now the lights of Denver, they're gonna shimmer in the deep red of the dawn
And I'll grab my suitcase and slip it lightly through the door
And swear again I won't leave him anymore